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Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections.
Buy fluconazole 150 mg uk on 2nd night (no pain, just nausea and vomiting) no improvement in pain and nausea or vomiting anon257831 Post 12 I have been taking this for over a week. What are my results? I'm on 250 mg of it 3 times a day. is total miracle to me. I am only 15 years old. anon255791 Post 11 i have been taking this for several years, on and off, but the only time i stopped was when my girlfriend pregnant. So now she has been taking it for over a year. i don't use the tablets very often now. It is a huge pain. made me get tons of infections. it also seems like they take forever to finish. the doctor says it is like taking a steroid. it must be pain killer! anon254860 Post 10 I am 15 and have been going through a horrible nightmare from virus. One day when i was in school remember how i took a tablet of fluconazole and i took that for the whole day and it Fluconazol preço generico pacheco was so good, made everyone who had been with me feel good. I then remembered how that was the best medicine but i was not feeling good so i Fluconazole for sale online asked my friend who took his medicine to give it me. Now, this was the worst day of my life. i never felt like that before, so i called my grandmother for advice because i was afraid to call someone about it. Then i decided to call the office see what they had to say about it. i did go to the office but that day i felt good. took the medicine and it worked so fast, made me feel like i was already dead! called my friend who took his from the office and asked him if i was sick. He said yes and i cried. He gave me the pills and i took them. Today was crying for my grandmother because i wanted to tell her how much i had to suffer and tell her this was the worst day ever. anon253374 Post 9 i was on a very small amount of it (3mg) as a pre-pregnancy symptom so i did it again when got pregnant. the pill made me feel great and i went through 2 miscarriages and still i have a feeling was pregnant. i so angry at my doctor (now i understand why) and my family doctor even some of my friends who advised me to stop taking the pills. i had my baby but all the women, even some who was on meds gave birth to healthy babies. i don't know why and want to know. for no reason that is. i feel like my family doctor should've told me about that and i wouldn't have been so angry either. i don't know what to do now. i would like to know what the doctor is telling me to do. anon249660 Post 8 What is a good dosage for my friend? Do you have to take it a certain way or is there a pill that has less side effects? anon248090 Post 7 I have been taking the fluconazar for over a year. I am 19 years old and started taking it because I got a bad stomach bug in college and this is the drug that helped so much because it doesn't make you feel hungry and it makes you want to eat when don't to. I am taking it, my parents and all professors will tell me that i have no appetite. am on the drug for a little past two months, have had no side effect from it, and still I have no appetite. Should stop taking it and try something else? Is this the same as using drugs? anon244946 Post 6 I took these pills (aspirin, ibuprofen, and fluconazole) in January 2015 to treat a cyst of about 2 cm that came up on my testicle. It was a lump in my scrotum and was a little painful. The doctor put me on a week off and told me to take the pills again when I got home (I live in South Africa). I took them and my symptoms went away by the first week back. I was on it for a little while longer and my health improved even more. This is the 3rd time in 6 months I took this drug in combination with ibuprofen and it worked great for my problem. I have been taking it for two years now without issue. I have always been a skinny person though it has taken me a long time to get up the appetite take pills (it has taken years for my scrotum to grow back and I don't want to starve death!). It was a huge relief for me to find out best drugstore brand anti-aging skin care that the medications I have been taking did not only make me nauseous and tired but also make me.
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